Mountain Farm Hosts Final Lavender Festival

100_3527Mountain Farm will hold their final Lavender Festival on June 15 and 16 2013.   Each year on Father’s Day weekend when the lavender is in full bloom, the festival visitors arrive and each year continue to multiply.   Owner Marilyn Cade recalls how it all  came to be:

The first Festival was held in 2005, but it started in my head even earlier, when my family was stationed in France in the late 1950s. We lived in a house on the outskirts of Paris in an area that was generously covered with lilacs and lavender. Years later, when I moved to the farm as a young wife and mother, I finally had all the garden space I could ever want. I tried out all the plants my parents had put into gardens every two years as the Navy moved us around. Lilacs and lavender both did great.

As the farm shifted from raising children to experimenting with whatever took our fancy, I wondered about planting lavender on a larger scale. We started small and just kept getting bigger and then the lavender labyrinth evolved. My sister Linda came to help: she has big ideas that seem scary at first.  “Why don’t we have a lavender festival?” she suggested. My immediate reaction was we can’t because we don’t know how, we’ve never done it, how will we figure it out? That took almost a year. Linda called Annie’s Sunshine Lavender Farm.  Annie had already been putting on lavender festivals, and she was kind and generous with her enthusiasm. Handmade in America gave us loads of encouragement, advertising and advice; including, be sure to have enough port-a-johns.sarah cutting lavender (600x800)

I went to bed the night before that first opening day thinking “Well, nobody is going to come to this!”  In the morning I woke up thinking “Omigosh, what will we do if 200 people come?!!!!”

600 people came. We had enough port-a-johns. Thank you Handmade in America!

Now Marilyn and her family wish to slow it down a bit; there are grandchildren (and more on the way)  to tromp through the lavender and to play with the baby goats.



We invite you to share this last festival with us,

and thank you Marilyn for all those memorable years.




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