In The Spring, A Kid Is Born

In The Spring – a Kid is Born


We love spring here on the farm.  Mountain Farm awakes from thekid1 calmness and quiet of a winter slumber to the freshness of clear air and mild sunshine. We listen to the continuous chirping of the returning birds, trees begin to bud and we delight at the sudden appearance of colorful seasonal plants and flowers.  What we love and anticipate the most though, is the birth of our baby goats.   Each spring, year after year, we welcome them with excitement; each year is the same, yet amazingly different.

Marilyn Cade, owner of Mountain Farm, is in attendance each year and knows a little something about “birthing”.  Goats usually give birth to twins, though Marilyn tells of a rare instance when six survived, the last two coming out “flat as balloons that needed inflating”.  They pop up and start bouncing around almost immediately.  We hand feed our kids on their mother’s milk in bottles, just like human babies. We do this for several reasons.  Bottle feeding goats makes them tame to human beings, which is important to Mountain Farm, because we handle and milk them twice a day. This makes them trusting, wonderful and friendly pets .                                   kid2

Our small herd, hormone and antibiotic-free, includes registered Saanen and Nubian goats. Their fresh milk is collected each morning and then is used in the preparation of our handcrafted soap, body products, and unique aged cheeses we make and sell right here on the farm. The milk and cheese reflect the subtle flavor of the local pastures, not unlike honey or wine.  In 2012 Mountain Farm became the smallest certified dairy in the State and began producing our unique variety of aged cheeses.


We want to share the spring arrival of our babies and invite you to attend our annual BABY GOAT DAY on APRIL 20, 2013.  From 10:00 am until 4:00 pm we will be hosting children’s activities and demonstrations with our adorable little kids.  We hope you will join us, if unable to do so, please note that we are open all year, Wednesdays through Sunday.

Please visit our website ( for additional information on events, workshops and our farm.



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