Meet Dolly & Paulie Our Llamas!

Howdy Friends,

It’s been an exciting Autumn here at Mountain Farm!
New additions have come to us in pairs: two wind turbines (from a Windspire grant), two llovely llamas (Dolly & Paulie), and two wonderful new interns, Karissa Ronkin & Amanda Ramsey (plus one new Office Gal, Polly Lorien).

When you start thinking about Stocking Stuffers, don’t forget our premium local creations! From indulgent body products to culinary delights, nothing could be better for the folks on your list who appreciate hand-crafted, Certified Naturally Grown goodies. You can find our lavender and goat milk products (with new, reduced shipping costs) at the store on our web site. We are also currently working on updating our Etsy store. If you are in the neighborhood, don’t hesitate to stop by our shop and say hello!

Wishing you a cozy holiday season!

~ The Ladies of Mountain Farm


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