Share The Love With Lavender on Valentine’s Day


A lot of lavender folklore is about love. It was said to attract men but was also used for chastity.  On St Luke’s day young maidens would sip on a lavender tea and say. “St Luke, St Luke, be kind to me, In my dreams, let me my true love see.”

Our Love Potion Tea is made with jasmine green tea, rosemary, thyme, mint, cinnamon, lavender, and lemon peel. Based on a Druid recipe, this brew is at least high in antioxidants, if not guaranteed to work magic!  Either way, you’re sure to fall in love with its delicious taste.



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The word lavender comes from the latin word lavare, which means to wash. In history, lavender was used as a general mood tonic, to lift the spirits and for calming.

All our soap is 100% handmade from start to finish, including hand milking our goats. We have a small herd of registered, hormone and antibiotic-free, Saanen and Nubian dairy goats right here on the farm. Goat milk contains caprylic acid, which helps with the removal of dead skin cells and maintains the skin’s proper pH balance. Goat milk soap is creamy and moisturizing – perfect for delicate skin and mild enough for babies!



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Cherish your friends and family – let them know

they are in your thoughts and heart.

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